We’ve designed TROPHiT for S2S integration, as we are aware of the obvious restrictions most big game publishers have around SDKs. We still provide SDKs for those who prefer it, for iOS, Android and Unity.


As an advertiser, our dashboard allows you to quickly setup and manage your vouchers. It also provides you with all the information you need to quickly and easily complete your integration with TROPHiT, including instructions for all supported tracking providers, sample code and more.


Bundle vouchers are essentially regular vouchers that are composed of multiple VIs. These VIs are redeemed collectively in a single redemption operation (same cost, too!). For example, a single Bundle Voucher might represent a user’s entire starter pack, such as 200 gold, a sword and a shield. As the user installs your app for the first time and automatically redeems a Bundle, they receive every item listed in the voucher.


As an advertiser, you always look for the best possible media sources. No matter what your reasons are for selecting particular media partners – be it their geo strengths, unique targeting technology, innovative ad units, or even pricing – you can now harness their strengths to test, optimize, target and brilliantly display your game vouchers. By doing so, you acquire new insight about your users: what value drives them most.


Perfect for re-engaging users who need a little push to get back into your game, TROPHiT allows you to control how many vouchers each user may use, how frequent and when each offer expires. It also allows you to define more complex voucher usage rules, where using a voucher depends on usage of another voucher.


TROPHiT takes your data seriously and enforces a high degree of security measures to govern voucher redemptions. Authenticated and encrypted APIs, digital certificates as well as other layers of security and information control are put in place to ensure the highest security standards.


As most big publishers usually market every game on multiple platforms – iOS and Android – it only makes sense that TROPHiT would allow publishers to manage all their VI marketing activities in a consolidated manner. In TROPHiT, you can define vouchers for multi-platform use as well as for a specific platform. Similarly, the TROPHiT S2S integration is designed to be deployed once and service all your game’s platforms.


TROPHiT actively maintains its Help Center, FAQ, video tutorials and the Integration Assistant pages in your dashboard for ready-to-roll integration. Still need help? Simply open a ticket through our help center and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


TROPHiT is designed to be completely self-service. You can do everything – from integration to voucher management – using your TROPHiT dashboard, our Help Center, video tutorials and more. However, if you still need a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on, our account management team will gladly assist you with on-boarding, voucher setup, special marketing plans and more.


One of the first things we share with game publishers is that creative guidelines for VI marketing are different from traditional app promotion creative guidelines. In addition to documented design guidelines, our team of experienced designers would love to suggest, comment and improve your banners and videos. Contact your account manager for more information.


Did you know new users prefer “gold” coins rather than “coins” (even if they don’t even know the difference)? Have you ever considered whether a gift of an unlocked level re-engages more users that an ammo pack? Marketing VIs is unlike promoting your app the traditional way… We share our knowledge with you, so you could always get it right. Our VI ninjas analyze your app and its content and recommend best practice approaches for UA and re-engagement, taking into consideration your campaign requirements and KPIs. Let us help you discover the endless marketing potential of your game VIS.