TROPHiT is the world’s first virtual item marketing ecosystem for mobile games. It boosts UA performance by allowing any mobile game publisher or developer to distribute “vouchers” for any of their in-game items, over existing publisher networks such as ad networks, DSPs, RTB exchanges and more. These items can be anything games have to offer: free coins, unlocked levels, magic weapons and more. The sense of added value each user experiences, results in a positive user quality impact in multiple metrics, such as session length, retention and more.


We are an experienced team, intimately familiar with the mobile advertising ecosystem. We discovered the need for TROPHiT after realising that, in the Second App Economy, each game is a store by its own right, with an endless variety of free/paid products, just waiting to be discovered, yet the advertising ecosystem, to this date, still treats each app as a shelf­product in an “app store”. This technologically limits how an advertiser is capable of advertising apps and games.


We are also aware of the challenges involved in integrating with new SDKs and with publisher networks, which is why TROPHiT was specifically designed as a server ­side solution­ to operate without any additional SDKs and without any additional integration work with your publisher networks. Even through no integration impact exists, TROPHiT harnesses the power of your publisher networks to target, optimise and A/B test vouchers, so you can achieve maximum results.


We truly believe that every gamer deserves more, for spending time and effort on his mobile device, and we provide advertisers a unique opportunity to show good will to new gamers, by offering them personal added value in the form of virtual item gift vouchers -­ a great new way to discover a newly downloaded game, or to gain second wind in an existing game.